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Let's Talk Travel!

This initial conversation is to discuss your travel dreams as well as some of the basics like when you can travel, budget expectations, likes and dislikes, as well as other pertinent details. This discussion also leads us to determine a preliminary trip itinerary design and consultation fee which is based on destination, complexity, trip length and other factors. This fee is non-refundable for our expertise, services, advice, and support of your travels.

Itinerary Design

A trip itinerary is carefully crafted to create your vacation plans inclusive of details, options and price quotations. Your trip may include various components depending on the destination, ranging from flights,  accommodation, transportation, private guides, insider access, and other experiences that all need to be pre-arranged.

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Reservations & Booking

Once the itinerary is perfected, deposit payment guidelines will be presented, and your reservations secured. We handle the rest behind-the-scenes with the myriad of partners who all work together to make your dream trip a reality.

Trip Documents

You will receive our Travel App to download with your vacation plans all in one place, and together we'll hold a pre-trip briefing to go over all the arrangements, and discuss tips on Do's (& Don'ts!) for your destinations as well as money matters, cultural sensitivities, packing suggestions and more.

Bon Voyage!

Time to take-off, but should anything arise (flight cancellations, in-destination strikes, or other issues) you'll have 24/7 in-travel support.

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