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Wildlife Safaris

Luxury gone wild!

There is nothing quite comparable to watching majestic wildlife in the untouched wilderness. The Big Five in East Africa, trekking with Mountain Gorillas and chimpanzees in Rwanda, venturing out on Galapagos Islands expeditions,  seeing the Polar Bears in Svalbard or finding the Adele penguins in Antarctica. Circle the globe to encounter some of the incredible, iconic and many diverse animal species. 

African safaris hold a special place in our hearts as we lived and breathed this lifestyle, living almost 20 years in East Africa, organizing safaris and operating a remote tourist lodge in Kenya. This gives us an unsurpassed understanding and insider knowledge of the regions.

We are deeply committed to the preservation of wildlife and nature, and fostering an appreciation through sustainable adventure travel. We are members of the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund and in our travel design, we often connect travelers to carefully selected partners - safari outfitters, tour companies, and lodges; who are like-minded in their commitments to nature conservation and sustainability. In these partnerships we hope to part of the crucial efforts to protect endangered species, native wildlife, and diminishing habitats and help to keep wildlife wild. 

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