Lands of Discovery

Why we love South America: Legendary landscapes such as the Amazon Rainforest, the invigorating Igazu Falls, the sacred Inca civilizations at Machu Picchu, and the ancient Moai of Rapa Nui (Easter Island),  the jagged peaks of Torres del Paine and glaciers in Patagonia, star-gazing in the Atacama Desert (the world's driest place), the abundant wildlife in the Galapagos Islands and the impressive cultural treasures in Buenos Aires, this inspiring continent ranks high among intrepid travelers. The beauty in natural diversity, mouth-watering gastronomy and wines, incredible museums and music among other cultural icons, and fascinating history await your discovery. 

Easter Island Four Seasons
Amazon River Aqua Exp
Rio de Janiero, Brazil_br_Sugar Loaf Mou
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