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The Birthplace of Western Culture

Why we love Europe: The incomparable diversity! Within Europe are 44 distinct countries, all with their own cultures, languages, treasured and tumultuous histories, extraordinary scenic landscapes, unique flavors of cuisine and gracious people. The astounding historical feats from ancient Greece and Roman Empire to the remarkable reach of the Spanish, Ottoman and British Empires, are now the focal point of many of the cultural treasures within museums, monuments and iconic attractions.  Mouth-watering cuisines of contemporary and innovative French to the traditional nonna's torta (grandmother's cake) in Italy.


Old World vineyards in Bordeaux and Tuscany, to the emerging wines of the English countryside. See the fjords of Norway, polar bears in Svalbard, go to the "Top of Europe" in the Swiss Alps, explore castles in Scotland, sail along the Amalfi Coast, take a beach break in on the island of Sardinia with its sunny Mediterranean climate, or explore the cosmopolitan cities of Paris or London. 

Even today, Europe is ever-changing and advancing with modernity while simultaneously retaining its beloved traditional roots. It has us returning time and time again.  

Dubrovnik, Croatia © Abercrombie & Kent
London ming-jun-tan-unsplash (1).jpg
© Ming Jun Tan
Barcelona Regent Cruises.jpg
Barcelona © Regent 
Paris Eiffel.jpeg
Amalfi Coast Viking.jpg
Amalfi Coast © Viking
Russia Moscow St Basils A&K.jpg
© Abercrombie & Kent
hedinsfjordur-auroraborealis-iceland (To
 © Iceland Tourism
Bordeaux, France_br_Chteau Pichon Longue
Bordeaux. France © Viking
Croatia A&K.JPG
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